Mrs Rush Hour
Contented London mother of identical twin girls, born in 2007. I enjoy having a career but also love being at home and creating good memories of family life.

Mr Rush Hour
Fantastic father and all round lovely bloke. Works very hard for a well-known gallery and makes his own art too. Shares the parenting with a sense of humour and a much appreciated capacity for early mornings

Delightful and happy four year old with a laugh like Sid James. Loves learning her letters and entertaining us with her repertoire of songs from 1960s musicals.
Smiley, kind and curious five year old who adores baking cakes, colouring in and dressing up. Still has a laugh like Sid James.

Lovely and intriguing. Vehicle obsessed, number loving jigsaw wizard. Inordinately fond of the colour blue.
Alternative and affectionate five year old. Very good at tidying up and experimenting with running taps. Adores making pancakes and drinking hot tea.

The mouse
IQ of 140. Lived under the dishwasher with its family and was keen on a late night sprint around the house in the days before Operation Charles Cheese.

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  1. Even better than a cat is a snake.

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