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the play house

When we moved at the end of last summer, we promised Eve and Leah a playhouse. They have been lusting after one of these since a playdate at their friend Maisy’s house, hers even had wallpaper. The Easter break was … Continue reading

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happy valentines

Last year Valentines was celebrated with heart shaped pancakes and less traditional but by no means unappreciated mouse slaying. How to follow that up this year, now that we live rodent free? Mr Rush Hour spent an hour of a very wet afternoon … Continue reading

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happy new year

Bit of a late greeting and not such a great new year for us because I have been ill for the whole of this month with a hat trick of diseases, first with pneumonia, then with pleurisy and finally with an … Continue reading

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Three weeks, about a thousand pox, two bottles of Piriton, one of Junior Calpol, one of penicillin and our biggest work/home juggling act to date.  We’ve spent pretty much the whole of November playing host to the chicken pox virus … Continue reading

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I know, I know – I haven’t written anything in over two months. Life has just been so busy bedding down into my new job, moving house, settling the girls into a new school year, doing up the new house and richocheting between … Continue reading

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The Limpets

or the Olympics as they are more commonly known by the non lisping over-5’s. They have been an amazing experience for us and totally worth the sacrifice of a summer holiday. We’ve immersed ourselves fully in events – Mr Rush Hour has … Continue reading

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sports day

First Sports Day! Isn’t it good to know that there’s still fun to be had with sack and egg and spoon races? I think I had imagined that 21st century sports days would be high teck wii type events.  The chilly, grey weather, … Continue reading

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the interrogators

Admittedly it’s taken me several years longer than most of the parents I know but I am now 110% at the point where quite a lot of the time I want my girls to shut the heck up. They were … Continue reading

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veg box

This year I’m making my summer window boxes entirely edible and have planted them up with cherry tomatoes, basil, marojam, thyme, alpine strawberries and geraniums, nasturtiums and marigolds, the latter for their petals to liven up a season of salad eating. … Continue reading

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Eve and Leah are still deep into their love for the Wizard of Oz, so I hereby declare, by the power invested in me, that today Mr Rush Hour you are King for a Day for outstanding services to fatherhood. Furthermore … Continue reading

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