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The Limpets

or the Olympics as they are more commonly known by the non lisping over-5’s. They have been an amazing experience for us and totally worth the sacrifice of a summer holiday. We’ve immersed ourselves fully in events – Mr Rush Hour has … Continue reading

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day trippers

It’s half term and I’m mostly working. Mr Rush Hour has taken the week off, so he’s the one who gets to go to the halloween party (although I was the one who got to stay up late making the costumes…..) and who … Continue reading

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The day we turned the kitchen into a swimming pool

Eve and Leah love swimming but our local pool has a strict adult child ratio for under eights so it’s not something I can do on my own with them. Not that the actual detail of a real pool filled with real … Continue reading

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Brixton Beach

Only two weekends of Summer left and still on our August to do list, a swim in Brockwell Lido. We woke up this morning and decided today was the day despite the cloudy sky and goosepimpling breeze. I’m so glad we did because Eve and Leah … Continue reading

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Beachy things

Saturday morning and the sun is shining again. We have no plans for the next hour or so and we’ve all just sat round the table and eaten porridge, stained pink with overripe sliced plums. There’s no rush and it … Continue reading

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