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This week the girls came home with very graphic letters about an outbreak of headlice in their class and careful instructions about how to use a delousing comb. I’ve been scratching ever since but have yet to buy the actual comb and check if … Continue reading

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The day we turned the kitchen into a swimming pool

Eve and Leah love swimming but our local pool has a strict adult child ratio for under eights so it’s not something I can do on my own with them. Not that the actual detail of a real pool filled with real … Continue reading

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Only the red ones

In April and May we sowed courgettes and tomatoes Now we have lots and lots and lots of yellow courgettes. It’s so true that two courgette plants will produce enough courgettes for a family of four And the tomatoes? Well, … Continue reading

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The dissimilarity between the Miss Rush Hours’ is proclaimed by their choice of footwear. Pink for the Princess Eve and dark blue for my gamine Leah. A late afternoon shopping trip to Covent Garden yesterday was a chance for Eve … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice

I have always felt that I’ve never celebrated summer solstice with sufficient flair. In my imagination it would be spent picnic-ing on strawberries and champagne at dusk followed by spending the night under the stars. Consult Elspeth Thompson for inspiration, my … Continue reading

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Goin’ to be a bridesmaid

Eve and Leah are going to be bridesmaids at the weekend at my brother’s wedding. The girls have taken different approaches to this major event in their lives. Eve is excited and tells us every single day she’s “goin’ to … Continue reading

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Adults only

  Our bedroom makeover is complete, courtesy of the labours of Mr Rush Hour and the creative direction/interference of Mrs Rush Hour. When we moved in to our house, just a few weeks before Eve and Leah were born, all … Continue reading

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Red, white & blue

  Red The rash Leah woke up with this morning, worrying enough for Mr Rush Hour to take her to hospital and then thankfully get the all clear White Eve and I watched the morning’s events on TV, whilst multi tasking on … Continue reading

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Pot Art 2

Eve got her own plant pot on Sunday. She is currently very keen on birds, or oiseau as she says, this being one of a few random French words she mixes into her sentences. She is growing beans, carrots, nigella, nasturtiums and … Continue reading

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Art of the week

This has been a couple of weeks in the making but I’m really pleased with the result and think we’ll make banners for all of the seasons. Eve is starting to show some interest in sewing and has become very … Continue reading

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