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The Sartorialist

We entered dangerous new territory on Saturday. Eve has a new raincoat and she hates it. I don’t mean the usual toddler reluctance to swap a much loved old garment for a new one, no, this is something altogether more mature, … Continue reading

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Eve has begun drawing faces. Love this smiling self-portrait. Leah started figurative drawing last summer when she drew this –  it’s Thomas of course All winter Eve has been absorbed in elaborate crayon scribbles which she has called her Bear … Continue reading

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Our non identical identical twins

I know they have identical DNA and began life as a single ovum, but really our girls are so very different it’s hard to believe they are even related. Take this current mirror image of likes and dislikes Leah likes……………Leah … Continue reading

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Chic, non?

Grandma has a penchant for bright knits. I love dressing the girls in homemade and second hand stuff so I’m not complaining and bright is in, right? Leah is fond of this cardigan and has decided it looks more stylish, … Continue reading

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The Exclusivity of Colour

Leah loves blue, Eve likes pink, purple and yellow. You wouldn’t think there would be much to argue about with that, except now they have decided that colour choices are like personalised number plates and once you’ve nabbed one it’s … Continue reading

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