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Eve and Leah needed an explanation about why there was no school today. Keeping it short and simple I told them their teachers were having a protest because the government wanted to take their money away from them.  “But why is the gov’ment … Continue reading

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double double toil and trouble

I saw the 1971 Polanski film of Macbeth at an impressionable age and was terrified by the opening scene with. Last week I re-read the witches scenes looking for halloween inspiration. I’d forgotten how powerful the words are – fillet of a … Continue reading

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No more nursery

Eve and Leah had their final day at nursery today. An occasion marked by cakes, flowers and presents for the staff and a hundred memories of the last two years and ten months. After tearful hugs we left for the … Continue reading

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The Goose Green Mini Olympics

Don’t believe London’s credibility as Olympic hosts has been damaged by recent riots, I bring you news of the Goose Green Mini Olympics. They were a great success and there was absolutley no trouble, well apart from a couple of tantrums about whose turn was next. There … Continue reading

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London riots

This week I’ve been frightened, horrified, grateful and inspired. Frightened by how quickly the violence escalated and horrified, returning home late on Monday evening, to have the acrid smell of the burning buildings in Peckham hit us as we walked down our road. Grateful that the … Continue reading

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Johnny Town Mouse

“It sounds rather a dull place. What do you do when it rains?” I have always shared  Johnny Town -Mouse‘s view of the countryside and even as a child thought Timmy the Country Mouse’s fear of the noise and clatter of the … Continue reading

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We didn’t know Eve and Leah were identical twins until last summer when we paid for a private zygosity test. When I was pregnant we were assured at every single scan that our twins were dizygostic (fraternal) because of the … Continue reading

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Red, white & blue

  Red The rash Leah woke up with this morning, worrying enough for Mr Rush Hour to take her to hospital and then thankfully get the all clear White Eve and I watched the morning’s events on TV, whilst multi tasking on … Continue reading

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This Princess

  She might look like a piece of plastic tat to you but she symbolises a special community to me. Let me explain. For a week or so last month she was the toy du jour for Eve. The object that Eve … Continue reading

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