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veg box

This year I’m making my summer window boxes entirely edible and have planted them up with cherry tomatoes, basil, marojam, thyme, alpine strawberries and geraniums, nasturtiums and marigolds, the latter for their petals to liven up a season of salad eating. … Continue reading

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It’s weeks since my last post and so here I am at not yet 6am on a Sunday morning, which I have discovered is the best time for writing – no else is up, there’s no Cbeebies noise and I’m just … Continue reading

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turning green, I really think so

Sorry for parodying this old Vapors song but it’s been a day of  80’s reminiscense. Plus I’m trying to liven up what could be a dull post about recycling. Yesterday Southwark finally agreed to take away our green rubbish bin. That means from now on everything we discard needs … Continue reading

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Doing the Lambeth Tree Walk

Lately we have been spending our Sundays in Lambeth because Eve and Leah are doing a dance course at the wonderful Siobhan Davies Studios, next door to the Imperial War Museum. Sunday’s warm and sunny weather inspired us to do … Continue reading

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August is………

bathing outside harvesting dinner cardigan free (hopefully) savouring every single sunny day

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Johnny Town Mouse

“It sounds rather a dull place. What do you do when it rains?” I have always shared  Johnny Town -Mouse‘s view of the countryside and even as a child thought Timmy the Country Mouse’s fear of the noise and clatter of the … Continue reading

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Only the red ones

In April and May we sowed courgettes and tomatoes Now we have lots and lots and lots of yellow courgettes. It’s so true that two courgette plants will produce enough courgettes for a family of four And the tomatoes? Well, … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice

I have always felt that I’ve never celebrated summer solstice with sufficient flair. In my imagination it would be spent picnic-ing on strawberries and champagne at dusk followed by spending the night under the stars. Consult Elspeth Thompson for inspiration, my … Continue reading

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Fathers Day

Even though it’s Fathers Day, Mr Rush Hour still got up with the girls at six thirty. I didn’t wake up until eight and insisted he went back to bed, so we could wrap up presents and write cards. Thereafter Fathers … Continue reading

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Rush Hour Manor

Recently Mr Rush Hour and I have begun to feel like servants to the imperious Miss Rush Hours. Mr Rush Hour multi tasks as the butler, scullery maid and chauffeur whilst I am busy as cook, housekeeper, head gardener and ladies maid.  We … Continue reading

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