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The Haircut

Eve and Leah will be in the same class when they start school next month. This completely feels like the right decision for us, especially given the latest results of a study from Kings College evidencing the negative effects of … Continue reading

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No more nursery

Eve and Leah had their final day at nursery today. An occasion marked by cakes, flowers and presents for the staff and a hundred memories of the last two years and ten months. After tearful hugs we left for the … Continue reading

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Twin Talk 2

School starts in just a few more weeks and I’m richocheting between melancholy for Eve’s and Leah’s fast evaporating toddler ways and excitement about seeing them turn into school girls. This evening melancholy is winning because I’ve spent most of it being quite … Continue reading

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My very talented friends

I’m going to go slightly off theme for this post because it’s not every week that not just one but two friends have their writing published and aired.  Firstly Sarah Alderson‘s first book, Hunting Lila is out this week. It’s officially categorised as … Continue reading

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We didn’t know Eve and Leah were identical twins until last summer when we paid for a private zygosity test. When I was pregnant we were assured at every single scan that our twins were dizygostic (fraternal) because of the … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice

I have always felt that I’ve never celebrated summer solstice with sufficient flair. In my imagination it would be spent picnic-ing on strawberries and champagne at dusk followed by spending the night under the stars. Consult Elspeth Thompson for inspiration, my … Continue reading

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Sunny beaches for a rainy Monday

This is Eve one week ago on Formby beach. This is where I grew up and it felt good to sit on the sand and reminice with my own daughters about the adventures my brother and I had. We really … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

While Mr Rush Hour is on full time decorating duties upstairs I have been parent in charge downstairs for three whole days now. The best bits: Eve writing Mummy for the first time. Don’t mind a bit that I’m Bumey Watching our … Continue reading

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Once upon a time on the bus

  Eve has begun to tell stories. They all start with a demand for silence, a deep inhale, a dramatic pause and then with great aplomb she will begin “Once upon a time people were on the bus………” The stories … Continue reading

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A peculiar malady

  For the past six months or so I have been in the grip of a distressing condition. Symptoms have manifested themselves as extreme anxiety, bad dreams and an OCD like preoccupation with Ofsted reports. I believe these symptoms are especially … Continue reading

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