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Christmas Leah

“Nooooooo, it’s Christmas Leah, not Christmas Eve” wailed Leah on Christmas Eve, unable to comprehend why Eve has a day named after her and she doesn’t. So Boxing Day, which I’ve never much liked the sound of anyhow, will henceforth … Continue reading

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Window Wars 3

In the style of a lurid blockbuster that doesn’t know when to quit, I present Window Wars 3.  To recap, there was Window Wars 1 with its prequel Mummy Loses Her Skirt. This was quickly followed by Window Wars 2 in which Eve … Continue reading

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Squabbles in the Sculpture Park

We visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few weeks ago during our Wakefield weekend.  After a whole morning in the Barbara Hepworth it seemed like the perfect place to let the girls run free. The park is magnificent but my enduring … Continue reading

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When I knew I was pregnant with twins I spent a long time thinking about the bond they would have with each other. So far the mythical twin bond between them seems very like any other siblings  – an equal mixture … Continue reading

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Plant pot art

Matthew Wilson has written an article for our local twins club newsletter advocating gardening with twins. Inspired by this we asked the girls if they would like their own pots for growing plants. Eve said ‘Noooooooo’ as her head was … Continue reading

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spacehopper, spacehopper

Raising twins means you get used to seeing double – double buggies, double changing mats, double potties, even double favourite toys, but the double spacehopper has to be the most fun twin invention ever. It’s from the Science Museum and was a present from our … Continue reading

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The Exclusivity of Colour

Leah loves blue, Eve likes pink, purple and yellow. You wouldn’t think there would be much to argue about with that, except now they have decided that colour choices are like personalised number plates and once you’ve nabbed one it’s … Continue reading

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Windows Wars 2

Last night we made a woman on the bus cry. After a week of okay-ish, as opposed to hellish, journeys home there has been a new offensive in the window wars and it’s been made a whole lot worse by … Continue reading

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Window Wars

We are in a trying phase regarding ‘taking it in turns’. As soon as we leave nursery Eve and Leah both open negotiations “It’s my turn to sit in the window”, “no, it’s my turn” the other twin will say … Continue reading

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