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the feminisation of Leah

Planning which dress she’ll wear to her next party, obsessing over hairslides for school, raiding my necklaces, putting high heels at the top of her Christmas wish list. Mmmm something’s up. Leah is turning into a girl! Her Thomas trains are … Continue reading

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T-Rex Mummy

I’m on parental leave this month, a mini sabbatical I’ve been planning for the last year so I can support Eve and Leah as they make the transition to school. No school yet though so I’ve had sole charge all week. Pre … Continue reading

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Thomas time and the reluctant school girl

Mrs Rush Hour:  Leah, there are only two days of nursery left Leah: No, five Thomas weeks left Mrs Rush Hour: Oh! how long is a Thomas week? Leah: A Thomas week is five weeks Mrs Rush Hour: So there … Continue reading

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Goin’ to be a bridesmaid

Eve and Leah are going to be bridesmaids at the weekend at my brother’s wedding. The girls have taken different approaches to this major event in their lives. Eve is excited and tells us every single day she’s “goin’ to … Continue reading

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Guerilla make over

The tranquility of the grown-ups only bedroom didn’t last long. In fact this room has never been more attractive to Eve and Leah and there hasn’t been a single morning when we haven’t woken up with one or the other … Continue reading

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Once upon a time on the bus

  Eve has begun to tell stories. They all start with a demand for silence, a deep inhale, a dramatic pause and then with great aplomb she will begin “Once upon a time people were on the bus………” The stories … Continue reading

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Plant pot art

Matthew Wilson has written an article for our local twins club newsletter advocating gardening with twins. Inspired by this we asked the girls if they would like their own pots for growing plants. Eve said ‘Noooooooo’ as her head was … Continue reading

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My best first

Best first is Leah’s delightful expression for favourite thing. We’ve been celebrating my birthday in my home city of Liverpool so here’s our list of best firsts. Mrs Rush Hour It was lovely to see my family, especially my mum … Continue reading

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Our non identical identical twins

I know they have identical DNA and began life as a single ovum, but really our girls are so very different it’s hard to believe they are even related. Take this current mirror image of likes and dislikes Leah likes……………Leah … Continue reading

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Chic, non?

Grandma has a penchant for bright knits. I love dressing the girls in homemade and second hand stuff so I’m not complaining and bright is in, right? Leah is fond of this cardigan and has decided it looks more stylish, … Continue reading

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