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angels and monkeys

Last weekend saw Eve and Leah making their acting debut, not just once but twice. First up was Aladdin, organised by the wonderful Freedom Academy, more of which in a moment. But first I think this is possibly my favourite photograph of … Continue reading

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turning green, I really think so

Sorry for parodying this old Vapors song but it’s been a day of  80’s reminiscense. Plus I’m trying to liven up what could be a dull post about recycling. Yesterday Southwark finally agreed to take away our green rubbish bin. That means from now on everything we discard needs … Continue reading

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No more nursery

Eve and Leah had their final day at nursery today. An occasion marked by cakes, flowers and presents for the staff and a hundred memories of the last two years and ten months. After tearful hugs we left for the … Continue reading

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Johnny Town Mouse

“It sounds rather a dull place. What do you do when it rains?” I have always shared  Johnny Town -Mouse‘s view of the countryside and even as a child thought Timmy the Country Mouse’s fear of the noise and clatter of the … Continue reading

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Window Wars 3

In the style of a lurid blockbuster that doesn’t know when to quit, I present Window Wars 3.  To recap, there was Window Wars 1 with its prequel Mummy Loses Her Skirt. This was quickly followed by Window Wars 2 in which Eve … Continue reading

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Summer holiday

We stayed at Knowles Farm, St Catherine’s Point on the Isle of Wight.  Now owned by the National Trust but once the location where Marconi transmitted the first long distance radio signal in 1901, without which there would be no mobile phones, TV, … Continue reading

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Wet Weekend

I don’t know why we stuck to a vague plan made a week ago, that today we’d take a boat trip to Greenwich. We sweltered on two buses, melted in a long queue for river bus tickets,  baked on a … Continue reading

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Bus repairs

Back to work and nursery and Leah, no doubt inspired by long weekends of Mr Rush Hour upstairs refurbishing our bedroom (before and after photos to be posted sometime soon) is now commuting with her own tool box.  Because really you … Continue reading

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Once upon a time on the bus

  Eve has begun to tell stories. They all start with a demand for silence, a deep inhale, a dramatic pause and then with great aplomb she will begin “Once upon a time people were on the bus………” The stories … Continue reading

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This Princess

  She might look like a piece of plastic tat to you but she symbolises a special community to me. Let me explain. For a week or so last month she was the toy du jour for Eve. The object that Eve … Continue reading

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