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method acting

Move over Marlon Brando, Eve and Leah’s method acting is truly awesome. At their Saturday morning performing arts class each child has a turn in the imagination chair where they improvise for a few minutes each. Last term they were butterflies … Continue reading

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on the ninth day of Christmas

450 children, 300 chocolate bars, 50p a go. A lesson in supply and demand working the chocolate tombola at Eve and Leah’s school. So hard to resist giving those sad little faces with losing tickets another go!

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on the sixth day of Christmas

noses were pressed against toy shop windows but requests from Father Christmas are  becoming ever more technological – blackberries and digital cameras “like mummy’s” are now headlining.  I think I prefer November’s requests for high heels and a pink princess kitchen.

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The Haircut

Eve and Leah will be in the same class when they start school next month. This completely feels like the right decision for us, especially given the latest results of a study from Kings College evidencing the negative effects of … Continue reading

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Like discovering a stash of love letters belonging to an elderly relative, our house has revealed a history. A meter cupboard was removed this week to make way for a new door and frame and these six different wallpapers dating from the 1890’s to the 1970’s were … Continue reading

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