Colcannon – my style

Colcannon – my style
We eat this once a week to use up the potato and cabbage glut we always have in the winter. It’s easy and fairly quick (under an hour from start to finish but not high maintenance so you can multi task on other things whilst it’s cooking). You could make a vegetarian version by missing out the pancetta and substituting mushrooms.

Ingredients (enough for two as a main course, four as a side dish)

· About six medium sized potatoes
· Half a cabbage – the greener the better
· Half a teaspoon (or to taste) of Lazy Chilli or a fresh red chilli without seeds. This will make it not too spicy for children
· Small pack of pancetta cubes
· Large onion
· 1 clove garlic
· 2 portions of butter and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil
· About 100g of cheddar grated and 50g of parmesan grated
· A frying pan or skillet which can go into the oven

1. Peel and chop the potatoes and boil for 25 minutes
2. Meanwhile chop the onion and garlic and fry with the olive oil until see through
3. Add the chilli and pancetta to the pan
4. Chop the cabbage very finely and add to the pan so it stir fries in the onion and pancetta mixture. You might need to add more butter or oil to keep the cabbage from drying out.
5. Drain the potatoes (I always keep the water for making soup/stock) and mash with a small amount of butter. You need a dry, firm mash
6. Tip it into the pan once the cabbage is al dente
7. Shape into a cake and cook until the bottom is starting to go crispy
8. Put the cheese on top and transfer to the oven (180c) for a further fifteen minutes
9. Tip onto a plate and serve

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